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F20 project to bring favela social issues to G20

Voz das Comunidades (Voice of the Communities) is a non-governmental institution with a journalistic focus that advocates for social responsibility and cultural events organized by favela residents. The organization is currently spearheading a project to establish the F20, comprising 20 slums in Rio de Janeiro.

The goal is to bring the concerns of Rio’s communities to the G20, a global forum comprising 19 of the wealthiest nations, alongside the European Union and the African Union. For Rene Silva, the project’s creator and Voz’s founder, this represents a significant demonstration of community mobilization and civic engagement.

“These favelas, often marginalized and excluded from decision-making processes, are uniting to amplify their voices and call attention to issues directly impacting their lives,” explained Silva.

He emphasized that by engaging with G20 topics such as economic development, climate change, and inequality, favelas are asserting their position on the global stage and advocating for solutions that reflect their local realities and needs. “This initiative underscores the significance of integrating diverse and inclusive perspectives into global discussions, aiming to construct a fairer and more inclusive future for everyone,” he informed Agência Brasil.

Discussions regarding the project are set to commence in May, coinciding with the G20’s agendas. The G20 recently held two preparatory meetings in Brazil: the first, on February 21 and 22 in Rio de Janeiro, involving foreign ministers from the group’s countries, and the second, on February 28 and 29 in São Paulo, with the participation of finance ministers and central bankers.

“We’re currently in the project development phase. By the end of March, we aim to have a more refined and comprehensive project, with initial agendas ready for release,” he explained.

Voz das Comunidades was founded in 2005 by Rene Silva, who at the time was a student at a newspaper of the same name. The purpose was to allow residents to share news from Morro do Adeus, one of the 13 communities comprising the Conjunto de Favelas do Alemão in northern Rio. Now, he aims to increase the visibility of social issues.

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Comunicador Rene Silva fundou o Voz das Comunidades no Complexo do Alemão.
Foto: Renato Moura/Voz das Comunidades/Divulgação

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – Rene Silva founded Voz das Comunidades in Complexo do Alemão. Photo: Renato Moura/Voz das Comunidades/Divulgação

“The aim of this project is to highlight social issues that often escape the attention of mainstream media and public authorities. Typically, when people think about favelas, they envision police operations, crime, and drug trafficking. However, favelas are much more than that. They are home to numerous initiatives focused on the environment, sustainability, and local economy, among other themes. The F20 project seeks to shine a light on these diverse agendas within the slums that are often overlooked,” he explained.

Rene Silva emphasized that the project’s mission is to amplify the voices of favela residents. “We aim to not only amplify these voices but also ensure they are heard. To achieve this, our goal is to bring these agendas to the attention of authorities such as the governor, mayor, president, and even the United Nations,” he stated.

Brazil assumed the rotating presidency of the G20 on December 1, 2023, and will maintain this role until November 30, 2024. Throughout this period, approximately 130 meetings will take place in 15 cities across the country. The highlight will be the G20 Summit of Heads of State and Government, scheduled for November 18 and 19 in Rio de Janeiro.


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